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Guide And Outfitter Permits Become Available On Helena-Lewis And Clark National Forest

A commercial guide and outfitter permit available in the Badger-Two Medicine area allows outfitters to camp near Lonesome Creek.

  A couple of commercial guide and outfitter permits that have been dormant for several years are being re-activated on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest.

The Forest is accepting applications for two permits on the Rocky Mountain Ranger District.

One is in the Birch Creek area in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and another in the Badger-Two Medicine area.

Rocky Mountain District Ranger Michael Munoz says the permits previously belonged to other outfitters and guides, but were never transfered or re-issued. He says, in recent years, interest in the permits has grown.

“So what we’re doing is responding to quite a bit of request over the last, probably several, years of people who have had interest, as well as existing outfitter guides that are currently authorized on the Bob Marshall Complex, especially on the Rocky Mountain District,” Munoz says.

Munoz says re-issuing these permits will allow outfitters to take people into areas they might not be able to access on their own, like the Birch Creek and Badger-Two Medicine areas.

“And that’s what outfitter guide services are all about," he says. "They’re about being able to interpret areas, to help people understand what they’re getting into, and to get them into that backcountry and to provide them with the experience that they’re looking for and to be able to do it safely.”

Munoz says the number of permits and days allowed on each are within set limits for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, which includes the Bob Marshall, Great Bear, and Scapegoat Wilderness areas, and no Environmental Assessment is needed.

Applications for the permits will be accepted until October 15. Find information about the outfitter permit application here.

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