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House Tax Cut Bill Faces Likely Veto

The Capitol dome in Helena, MT.
William Marcus
Montana Public Radio

Thursday, the Montana House of Representatives passed a bill to increase tax cuts for all Montanans. The bill’s sponsor, Republican Representative Keith Regier, brought this bill back to the House floor after a committee amended it to increase the tax cuts from .1 percent to .2 percent.

Regier says it’s good to give back when the government is in the black.

“A smart, responsible governor will recognize who’s funding the government and give them a break.”

This quote was in response to Democratic Representative Tom Woods, who says the bill is irresponsible because the budget hasn’t been calculated yet. He added it’s merely a political move, meant to look good to voters and then make the governor look bad when he vetoes it.

“The point of this bill, as I see it and as many of us see it, is to move a tax cut bill to the governor’s desk and he’s going to veto.”

The Governor is likely to veto this bill as the Legislature continues to work on balancing its budget.

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