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Kids learning to make radio.

Radio Drama Camp Day 2

Three kids in a radio control room with scripts standing around a microphone.
Jack, Sophie, & Lu recording the news

We’re excited to share the latest adventures from our summer day camp. Today was a whirlwind of creativity and fun, packed with engaging activities that had everyone laughing, learning, and working together.

Morning Activities:

We kicked off our day by diving into some imaginative fake advertisements produced at MTPR. Listening to these creative pieces was a fantastic way to get everyone inspired and set the tone for the day.

Drama Games:

Next, we let loose with some drama games! These games are always a hit, encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zones, embrace their inner performers, and most importantly, have a blast.

Creating Our Own Ads and News Dispatches:

With our creative juices flowing, we broke off into small groups to craft our own fake advertisements and news dispatches. The energy was high as campers brainstormed, scripted, and recorded their unique pieces. The room was buzzing with excitement and collaboration.

Lunch and Back to the ZACC:

After a well-deserved lunch break, we returned to the ZACC, ready to channel our focus into the next activity.

Sound Story Editing:

Paired up, our campers turned their attention to editing the sound stories they had created the previous day. This was a fantastic opportunity to refine their work, learn new editing skills, and add the finishing touches to their stories.

Additional Ad Production:

Some of our speedy editors finished early and jumped straight into producing additional advertisements from the morning's recordings. Their enthusiasm and dedication were truly inspiring!

Group Listening and Feedback:

To wrap up our creative day, we gathered as a group to listen to all the fantastic work produced throughout the day. Each camper had the chance to showcase their projects and receive feedback from their peers. This was a wonderful moment of sharing, learning, and celebrating each other’s talents.

We’re incredibly proud of our campers’ creativity, teamwork, and hard work today. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our summer adventures! And check out the day's work below.


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