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StoryCorps - National Day of Listening, Nov. 29

Photo credit: Courtesy of StoryCorps

StoryCorps has established the day after Thanksgiving as the National Day of Listening. A day on which they encourage us all to record and share the story of a friend or loved one. You can hear other stories and share your own recording and photo at StoryCorps' Wall of Listening.

StoryCorps is also celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year and we'll be broadcasting their anniversary special hosted by Scott Simon on the National Day of Listening.

Friday, November 29

2:06 p.m. Ties that Bind - the StoryCorps 10th Anniversary Special

There are questions we would answer, if only we were asked. How did we grow up? What do we remember about home? What about our family?

This fall, celebrate the first decade of StoryCorps with a special retrospective hosted by NPR's Scott Simon and StoryCorps founder Dave Isay. Look back on 10 years of celebrating everyday people on public radio.

Credit Photo credit: Courtesy of StoryCorps
NPR's Scott Simon and his late mother Patricia Lyons Simon Newman

Recorded in StoryCorps' own interview booth in Manhattan, this special features Dave and Scott in an unscripted conversation about the importance of humanity, intimacy and the need to bear witness. They share stories about StoryCorps' beginnings and its growth into an archive of interviews with nearly 100,000 Americans from every state of the union. Scott Simon shares one of the last recorded conversations he had with his mother Patricia in a StoryCorps recording booth.