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Putting sunscreen on a child's nose.
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Have you ever been sunburned? It hurts, doesn’t it? Your skin gets a tender, scratchy, crinkly feeling. Anything that touches hurts, even a sheet or a t shirt.

Sunburn is an injury, not a disease. It’s not like the flu or a sore throat and it’s different than a burn from touching something hot. No sunburn is a slow overcooking of your skin.


Jun 14, 2014

6/14/14: This week on "The Plant Detective:"  Aloe was one of the most frequently prescribed medicines throughout most of the 18th and 19th centuries. It remains one of the most commonly used herbs in the United States today, protecting against ultraviolet rays, relieving the pain of minor burns - and sunburn -  and helping skin regenerate. One study found that aloe vera gel displayed anti-inflammatory effects superior to 1% hydrocortisone cream or a placebo gel.