public works

Montana Capitol in Helena.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

A new proposal from House Republicans is calling for a scaled down version of Gov. Steve Bullock’s plan for the state to borrow money for public works projects.

Bullock’s infrastructure plan released early in the session called for $160 million in state bonding.

That money would fund $44 million in local assistance grants. It would also and pay for additional water and wastewater grants through the treasure state endowment program, funded through coal severance tax.

Poster in MT Gov office outlining some of the $290 million dollars in infrastructure projects Bullock is proposing. That proposal received initial votes and amendments Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019.
Corin Cates-Carney / MTPR

Gov. Steve Bullock’s plan for public works projects across the state advanced out of subcommittee review Thursday and the conservative majority is starting to pick it apart.

Republicans stripped out just over $17 million in proposed borrowing that Gov. Bullock’s bill laid out to pay for county and local government infrastructure projects.

Plastic bottles for recycling.

Starting next month, Flathead County will no longer accept plastics or steel can recycling. The change stems from market forces in China.