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Bill To Extend Montana Brewery Hours Draws Crowd

Feb 5, 2019
Delicious Montana craft beers
Eric Whitney / Montana Public Radio

If the Legislature passes a hotly debated bill, breweries could be open for two more hours, extending their closing time from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

There are hundreds of microbreweries scattered across the Mountain West. In fact, in parts of our region there are more breweries per capita than most anywhere else in the country.

Many of them sell their beers in aluminum cans. So with the Trump administration’s proposal to slap a steep tariff on imported aluminum, the beer industry is feeling nervous.

Mandy Mohler started Field Guide Designs after spending a week in the Bob Marshall photographing items she found in the Spruce Park Cabin. She says her business wouldn't be possible if it weren't for Montana's public lands.
Nicky Ouellet

For the past two decades, Montanans have been making more money, creating more jobs and  increasing investment and retirement income in the state. What’s the cause for all this growth? Ray Rasker of Headwaters Economics Research says it has to do with the best asset in the last best state: public lands.

"Rural counties around the West that have a lot of federal land have faster growth in population, faster growth in employment, and faster growth in personal income," Rasker says.

Montana Legislature Eases Restrictions On Craft Breweries

Apr 14, 2017
Under the new bill, craft brewers will now be able to sell beer in tasting rooms on premises and still can and keg up to 60,000 barrels a year.
Kelli Whithorn (CC-BY-2)

A bill that would allow larger Montana craft breweries to sell beer in tasting rooms has passed the state Legislature.

Bill Would Raise Production Limits For Montana Breweries

Mar 22, 2017

Nearly a dozen brewers testified at the Montana Legislature today on a bill that would raise a small brewery's production cap six fold.

Matt Leow with the Montana Brewers Association says raising the 10,000 barrel limit for small operations to 60,000 would unleash potential for Montana brewers.

Brewers, Tavern Owners Wrangle Over Liquor License Laws

Feb 6, 2015

Today at the Montana Capitol, legislators heard beer bills. One that aims to find a way to settle the rift between brewers, which sell their product in taprooms with a relatively cheap license, and bars, which have much higher priced liquor licenses in limited supply.