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Conrad Anker Sees The Climate Changing

Conrad Anker
Conrad Anker

Today’s conversation is with Conrad Anker, legendary mountaineer and leader in the outdoor community. He's climbed some of the hardest routes on the most notorious mountains around the world, from Everest to Antarctica.

Conrad is a mentor, philanthropist and activist. In particular, he is working to raise the volume on the climate crisis, along with his colleagues at Protect Our Winters - a nonprofit working to protect the places we love from the effects of climate change. Conrad’s had a front row seat to climate change in his many years traveling to wild landscapes significantly altered by warmer temperatures, more extreme weather, and many other factors.

Conrad is also a Montanan. He and his family live in Bozeman and are actively engaged in the Montana community. Conrad wants all of us who enjoy wild spaces and nature to be more mindful of the climate when we do.

Transcript available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wqXcidlvOCDB2MQpC0X4UbI9DbPGwMPCXMRUUge_4co/edit

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