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Transmutations And Other Freedoms: Khadijah Queen's 'Anodyne'

Mar 25, 2021

This week, join Lauren in a conversation with Colorado-based poet and scholar Khadijah Queen, author of Anodyne. Their conversation covers a lot, from imagining change, our dying planet and “confessional” poetry to the ethics of care — plus much, much more!

About Khadijah: Khadijah Queen, PhD, is the author of six books, including I'm So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On (2017).

She has been praised in O Magazine, The New Yorker, Rain Taxi, Los Angeles Review and elsewhere as “quietly devastating” and “a portrait of defiance that turns the male gaze inside out." An essay about the pandemic, “False Dawn,” appears in Harper’s Magazine. Her latest book, Anodyne, was published in August 2020 by Tin House.

She is an assistant professor of creative writing at University of Colorado Boulder, and serves as core faculty for the Mile-High MFA program at Regis University.

Khadijah recommends

• Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines edited by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, China Martens, Mai'a Williams (PM Press)

Lauren recommends:

• Non-Sequitur (Litmus Press)

• I’m So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On by Khadijah Queen (YesYes Books) 

• Ugly Feelings by Sianne Ngai (Harvard University Press)