Montana Public Radio

Spring Vegetables Have Sprung

May 15, 2016

Food Guy Jon Jackson poses an observation and a question. "There's a certain period in the spring when you think, 'Is this a period of starvation?' Well, historically, it was. Everything is greening up, yet it's a period of scarcity for food, because plants aren't readily available. We have markets today, so we don't think about that so much. But if you're a cook, you're thinking, "What's coming on? It's springtime and I need something."

Fellow Food Guy Greg Patent rattles off a list of vegetables for sale at the earliest spring farmers markets in Montana: bok choy, arugula, radishes, green onions, and spinach, many of them started in greenhouses in February. Signs of the local wild asparagus hunt are starting to appear, too: cars are parked along highway ditches, with people rummaging among the weeds.

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