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Oct 15, 2013

Make a Pledge Today!

MTPR Fall Campaign
Through November 8, 2013

Thanks for donating to Montana Public Radio this fall. Tune into our on-air drive Nov. 5-8 to hear special programs and your favorite hosts. You can also call in your pledge during this time to talk to a friendly phone volunteer.

You make MTPR happen!

MTPR listener and member, Geoff Badenoch

Make a Pledge Today!

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  “Montana Public Radio is there for me…
…telling me things I need to know, telling me things I don’t want to hear but need to hear, telling me things that make me think, telling me things that make me laugh or tap my feet. But what really makes a difference is that I know I am not the sole listener. I know there are workers, insomniacs, moms with small children, serious people, inquisitive people, seniors and college students who are listening with me.”