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Explore Life's Mysteries With 'Tai Asks Why'

Feb 21, 2020

Is there a brain in our gut? How do we fix climate change? Which is cooler, zero or infinity? What happens after we die? Why do we dream? What is love? There are so many good questions out there; the mysteries about life, the world ... about us. Tai Poole is trying to find answers to them.

Pea Green Boat is exploring six of these questions this with the award-winning CBC Podcast Tai Asks Why.

All episodes will air on Pea Green Boat, which runs Monday - Friday at 4 p.m.

  •     "What is love?" - Feb. 14, 2020
  •     "Should we trust our gut?" - Feb. 21, 2020
  •     "What happens after you die?" - Feb. 28, 2020
  •      Interview with Tai And Veronica - March 06, 2020
  •     “Why do we dream?” - March 13, 2020
  •     “Which is cooler, zero or infinity” - March 20, 2020
  •     “How will we fix climate change”- March 27, 2020