Montana Public Radio

From The Director: Your Support Fuels The Programs You Love

Apr 6, 2019

Montana Public Radio requires many pieces of the puzzle to keep this great station on the air. From our program producers, news team members, and our technicians who keep our equipment running to our fundraising staff – the MTPR team works around the clock to ensure this station is everything you expect it be when you tune in. But most importantly YOU, our member-listeners, are the most important piece of the puzzle and our most valued member of the team.

Your investment in MTPR has never been more important, because this year MTPR is counting on donations from listeners like you for nearly 75 percent of the funding it takes to provide the quality news and music you rely on. Yes, 75 percent.

MTPR Revenue for 2019

Throughout the past and future uncertainty of funding for public broadcasting, one thing has remained constant – your support as a member is our most reliable source of revenue allowing us to try new things.

MTPR and the Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium have hatched a new bug-themed radio program and podcast Bug Bytes.

Our new podcast Richest Hill focuses on Butte and the environmental recovery in that area. We were fortunate enough to embed reporter Nora Saks in the community so she can gather facts, stories and more from community members every day.

Your ongoing support also funds biennial favorites like Capitol Talk with Sally Mauk and friends.

Our strong commitment to local production is solely possible because of your financial contributions – thank you!

MTPR Expenses for 2019

You donate, you listen and you engage with MTPR to make it the best public radio service for you, your family, and your community. You are MTPR’s greatest strength.

The charts above show MTPR’s projected budget for the year. I’m always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about how MTPR puts your investment to work creating great public radio. Every time you tune in you’ll hear your generous contribution at work and I hope you feel proud knowing you truly made this service possible for us all to enjoy.

Thank you!

Ray Ekness, Director