Derek Hann's "Blessings"

May 1, 2018

Red ruby embers burn,

Degradation in the form of creation,

It twists and winds and turns. 

-- Derek Hann

The Blessings Of Life

The Thunder

As I lay in a drunken slumber,

Shallow dreams are torn a sunder,

And I am woken by the sound of thunder,

Blinded by a flash of light.

I begin to stir from my unrest,

In the shadows an uninvited guest,

With the darkness my fears infest,

And fills my soul with fright.

In it’s depth there is a sound,

Not like any on earth I have found,

With strength that not even death is bound,

Speaks gently to me.

“Who are you to walk this land,

With all the world at one’s command,

Doth thou forget all that is damned,

And forget the kiss of life?”

I tremble for who is this I fear,

Who was this that came to jeer,

Pray for the thunder is all I hear,

But the voice speaks once more.

“A gift I gave, and later torn,

Doomed are those that are foolishly born,

Spare the meek for they wont feel my scorn,

And waist not their father’s gifts.”

“Damn you demon for who does speak?

For in the shadows you must sneak,”

Feeling the breath upon my cheek,

Death comes bearing its bone white grin.

“Who had woken me,” I begin to wonder,

And only am answered by the sound of thunder.

About the Author:

Derek Hann
Credit Derek Hann

Derek Hann is an American writer, born in the city of Fairfax Virginia just on the outskirts of the nations capital. He has always had a passion for writing short stories and poems even from a young age, but at the age of fifteen he had to find work elsewhere. That was where he got his first job as a laborer for a small construction company; there he was taken under the wing of his Forman. Teaching Derek the trade of welding and the basics of constructing a home. The lessons he leaned there he would take with him for the rest of his life, along with his deep love for the work itself. But at the age of seventeen his grandfather died, starting the chapter in his life on living on the road. Packing up most of his belonging Derek made his way up and down the east coast, working odd jobs and camping out most of the time. This time though did take its toll and he eventually reunited with his family in Missoula Montana. Eventually moving again to Havre, having enrolled in the welding program at MSU-Northern, where he had met his wife shortly after. They now live there and have a beautiful daughter together. Derek is currently working on a second poetry collection in addition to a short story collection.