Cutting Out Added Sugar? Try Substituting This Fruit

May 15, 2018

Looking to cut down your processed sugar intake? Greg and Jon recommend using dates, a naturally sweet fruit that originates from the Middle East.

In this episode of "The Food Guys," Jon and Greg delve into one of health culture's favorite sweeteners: dates. These small, juicy fruits have a wealth of health benefits and work perfectly as a sugar substitute.

There are many varieties of dates that grow across the globe, but one of the most popular for cooking is Medjool. When choosing the variety for cooking, look for a plump and succulent kind. But if they aren't readily available, a drier variety can be soaked in hot water to moisten them.

Greg walks us through two recipes where he used dates as a sweetener instead of sugar. One is a recipe for scones where he only added two tablespoons of sugar and used dates for the sweetener. Dates can also be used in savory treats. Their sweetness provides a subtle counterbalance to salty and fatty foods like bacon. A perfect appetizer from Greg's past was a combination of dates and walnuts, wrapped in bacon.

Dates are also a source of fiber, vitamins and proteins, making them a great snack plain.

"You could practically live on dates," said Greg.

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