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'A Corner Of Space And Time: Lee Nye's Eddie's Club Portraits'

Feb 18, 2021

“Without the portraits, the bar was just another place”: Celebrating ‘A Corner of Space and Time’ with Jean Belangie-Nye, Ben Ferencz, and Aaron Teasdale

Take a dive down Missoula’s memory lane! This week, Lauren chats with Jean Belangie-Nye, Ben Ferencz, and Aaron Teasdale, the creators behind A Corner of Space and Time: Lee Nye's Eddie's Club Portraits, a book of photography and stories celebrating beloved photographer and bartender Lee Nye, as well as the men and women who became his subjects—and his friends.

About Jean, Ben, and Aaron:

Jean Belangie-Nye is an artist who has worked for over 50 years in photography, collagraph printing, and enameling. Lee Nye’s wife and partner for 35 years, she is the owner of Nye Imagery, Ltd, with Lee’s daughters Amanda Nye, Aleta Nye, and Alexia Jackson. She spent many hours visiting with Eddie’s Club patrons and many more in the darkroom with Lee.

Ben Ferencz is a designer, producer, and teacher from New York who now resides at the foot of the Mission Mountains in northwest Montana. His work blends cultural influences from the cities and mountains for an eclectic group of clients. He is an instructor at Rocky Mountain School of Photography and an affiliated faculty member at the University of Montana’s School of Business in the Department of Management and Marketing.

Aaron Teasdale is a writer, photographer, and editor who lives with his family in the hills outside Missoula, Montana. Aaron’s work has appeared in dozens of magazines and books, including National GeographicSierra, and others. His writing has won numerous awards, and in 2016 he was named Travel Writer of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers.