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Can Do: Turning A Touring Theater Into A Worldwide Enterprise

Sep 7, 2018

“You may live in a city and have access to all kinds of arts. But I tell you what, for a lot of the country, they have to go to the city to have that access, or they go without, and I want to bridge that gap.”

That’s Michael McGill, executive director of the Missoula Children’s Theater (MCT). Today on "Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs," Michael and host Arnie Sherman discuss how MCT grew into one of the largest theatrical touring companies in the world over the past 38 years.

Michael helped build MCT, starting as a volunteer and working a variety of jobs within the organization until he became executive director in 2006. Since then, Michael has led the company all the way to Barrow, Alaska, Bolivia, Japan and China.

Listen to this episode of "Can Do" and learn about the complex challenges of running a business in the creative arts industry; how to grow with your organization; and the importance of partnering with your community to help your business flourish.