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Can Do: How Pat LaPointe Helps Montana's Early-Stage Tech Companies Grow

Apr 19, 2019

Today on Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, angel funder Pat LaPointe drills into the details of accelerating the growth of early-stage tech companies in Montana, and why it matters.

As an angel funder, LaPointe provides not just capital but mentoring and networking opportunities to tech-based startups in Montana and nearby states. He also serves on the board of several companies he's helped develop. Pat is the managing director of Montana-based Frontier Angels, and the author of Marketing by the Dashboard Light. He recently helped launch Early Stage Montana, a coalition of Montana organizations that trains and mentors entrepreneurs. Statewide Showcase, their 2018 business competition, gave seven Montana companies a chance to pitch their businesses. Within a few months of completing the program these companies had raised over $3 million to fund their development.

"Angel investors are people who understand what that feeling is to be the only one working on the business," LaPointe says. "I'm trying to figure out how to turn it from nothing into something."

Learn more now with Pat LaPointe.

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