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Can Do: Breaking Into The Burgeoning Drone Industry From Bozeman

Nov 24, 2017

“If you act, you’ll either fail and learn, or you’ll succeed. Either one is productive and useful. If you don’t act, nothing happens.”

That’s Shane Beams, the owner and chief engineer of Vision Aerial, a Montana company focused on designing and producing a new generation of affordable, commercial unmanned drones.

On this episode of  Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, Shane describes the trajectory of his business, and the trends and issues in the burgeoning drone industry.

Shane founded Vision Aerial after an initial fundraising campaign on Kickstarter in 2013. Based out of Bozeman, Montana, the company now sells drones around the world for use in industries including: precision farming, mining, search and rescue, and construction.

This week you’ll learn how to turn a hobby into a business, how taking risks can help your business flourish and how to engage in public policy making that may affect your industry. Listen and learn on this episode of “Can Do.”

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