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Rosie Costain is a former MTPR reporter.

Women's Giving Circle members, Missoula Food Bank staff and particpiants of the LEVL program holding the $10,000 grant check.
Missoula Community Foundation

A Missoula women’s group awarded a $10,000 grant Tuesday to the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center for a program focused on engaging women who have lived in poverty.

The Women’s Giving Circle awarded the grant to the food bank program Lived Experience Voices and Leaders, or LEVL. The program is led by women who have experienced poverty and encourages them to find solutions to hunger based on that experience. 

American flag.

More than 71 percent of Montana voters voted in the midterm election, the highest turnout in state history. It was also higher across the country. National exit polls show that included more young voters — or 18 to 29 year olds. But younger voters still have the lowest turnout rates of any age group.

That’s where Andrew Seligsohn comes in. He’s the president of Campus Compact, a nonprofit group that partners with with colleges and universities across the country to get students to the polls and keep them engaged after elections.

Seligsohn was in Missoula Thursday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the local affiliate, Montana Campus Compact. MTPR's Rosie Costain talked to him about keeping students engaged now that the election is over and about a new initiative aimed getting students involved in the democratic process.

Courtesy Montana Governor's Office


Lt. Governor Mike Cooney was in Mexico last week to meet with some of the country’s largest brewers who, he says, feel shaken up over recent trade policy changes in the U.S.

President Donald Trump and then-Montana Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale at a July 5, 2018 campaign rally in Great Falls, MT.
Sally Mauk / Montana Public Radio

UPDATED 7:15 pm Wed. 10/17:  

Missoula International Airport issued this statement on parking and logistics: 

"Parking for the Presidential Visit will NOT be on Airport property.  It will be East of Northstar off Corporate way.  Shuttles from the remote parking area will start at 2:00 PM.  Please refrain from driving in front of the terminal unless picking up or dropping off passengers.

Mistakes In Montana Voter Guide Cost $265,000

Oct 12, 2018
An image of part of the email from Montana's Secretary of State office announcing errors in the state Voter Information Pamphlet
Montana Secretary of State's office

The official Montana voter information pamphlet many voters have received contains formatting errors. An addendum correcting them has now been mailed out at a total cost of more than $265,000.

In an email yesterday, Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton announced that the one page addendum was being mailed.

The dialogue around substance abuse and mental health disorders, when it happens at all, is often shrouded in shame, blame and guilt. An event in Missoula this weekend is aiming to change that, and also to celebrate people in recovery. 

Rosie Costain

Senator Jon Tester held an ice cream social Friday at the University of Montana to encourage students to vote. He also fielded questions about issues surrounding November’s election.

The event was billed as a chance for Senator Tester to hear from students about issues they care about and talk about the upcoming election. That’s exactly what happened when Tester stepped to the front of the room of about 60 people in the University Center on the University of Montana campus.

Tester also tried to appeal to students by talking about the rising cost of college.

Women who attended an informational session about the Women's Giving Circle in June stand together for a group photo.
Rosie Costain

A Missoula women’s group formed in June is offering a $10,000 grant to Missoula non-profits that focus on improving the lives of women and children.

Last spring 10,987 students were enrolled at UM, which is 628 fewer students than a year ago. Fall 2018 enrollment numbers have not yet been released.
Rosie Costain

Incoming students and their parents are bustling around the University of Montana campus in Missoula this week getting ready for the start of fall semester on Monday.

UM has struggled with recruiting new students, enrollment is down nearly 30 percent compared to 2010.

I talked to some incoming freshmen about how they made the decision to come to UM.

A helicopter flies near the Shellrock Fire NE of Helena Montana, August 15, 2018.

A new study says that less summer precipitation, and longer summer dry spells, are major drivers of increased wildfire activity in the western U.S. It’s contrary to previous understanding that warming temperatures and earlier snowmelt are the only factors in bigger wildfire seasons.