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ALA.NI's 'SHA LA LA' Prioritizes Falling In Love With Yourself

ALA.NI celebrates the joy of finding yourself by releasing a light and free music video for her latest single "SHA LA LA."

Known for her wistful and airy tunes, the London-born singer typically pairs her songs with simplistic instrumentation or a capella. Her vocal tone is soulful and her emotions seep through every phrase. "I like the idea of nurturing something," ALA.NI says at the beginning of the visual. "The more I come into myself as an individual person, I like my freedom."

Throughout the video, ALA.NI showcases signs of finding balance while basking in the beauty of life. She aligns crystals, sages her space, showers, glowing in the sun and, most often, blissfully dances. The song opens up with popping a capella that gradually develops and expands. But don't let the upbeat and bubbly sound fool you, this is a break-up ode in it's own right.

"When you told me the other day / That you want to come back and stay / It soothed me / Your words they soothed me, baby," ALA.NI confesses. "Then I heard from one of your guys / All you told me really was a lie / It hurt me / Darling, you hurt me."

Despite this heartbreak evoked, ALA.NI appears to be enjoying her life and finding joy within herself. The background vocals pick up in intensity as the song folds in additional percussion while we see the artist meditating, stretching and laughing. What is perhaps most refreshing about "SHA LA LA" is the positive spin it places on a relatively negative situation. Instead of dwelling on negativity, ALA.NI realigns with the world and herself, accepting change. The visual closes with ALA.NI laughing, falling more in love with herself.

"SHA LA LA" is the lead single off ALA.NI's upcoming album, ACCA, scheduled for an early 2020 release date.

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Maya Eaglin
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