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Celebrate The Music Of 1969 With Montana Public Radio

Celebrate The Music Of 1969 With Montana Public Radio
Celebrate The Music Of 1969 With Montana Public Radio

Tune in to Montana Public Radio all week to celebrate the music and memories of 1969. Rock & roll, jazz, blues, folk; if it's from 1969, we're playing it this week.

You can also share your memories of the music and climate of 1969. What was THE song that you really connected to or remember from that year? Were you at Woodstock? What was your experience? Give us a call at 406-243-4366 to record your message. We'll compile the responses and play some on air. You can also leave a comment on this post.

Sunday August 11
2 p.m. – John Arvish features soul jazz and more from 1969 on Dimensions in Jazz

6:30 p.m. – Back to the Garden: remembering Woodstock. A half hour documentary featuring people who were actually there.

Monday August 12
11 a.m. – Katie Van Dorn travels to 1969 on Monday Freeforms

8 p.m. – Short Cuts 1969-All Mixed Up - Traveling through Time & Space back to 1969 with Richard Nixon, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, Arthur C. Clark, Ronald Reagan, Arlo Guthrie, The Cast of Hair and more for a two hour remix of all the major events of an incredible year and the history of space exploration.

10 p.m. – Tom Engelmann’s special Featuring 1969 Miles Davis and the founding of the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

11 p.m. – Into the Groove – Olivia Sears hosts a 1969 version of our late night Funk, R&B and Soul show.

Tuesday August 13
11 a.m. – Michael Marsolek’s 50th anniversary Freeforms with Art rock, folk, and live concert recordings and more all from 1969.

2 p.m. – April Hale hosts a 1969 Folk Show.

8 p.m. – Our 1969 week Get To That show (folk, roots, Americana and bluegrass show) is hosted by Rigel Bankshot.

10 p.m. – Night Train hosted by Keith Suta

Wednesday August 14
Howard Kingston features British Bands from 1969 on Freeforms.

8 p.m. – John Arvish dedicates his What I Like About Jazz show to the straight jazz of 1969.

10 p.m. – Phil Hamilton’s mix on Blues on the Move celebrates 1969.

Thursday August 15
11 a.m. – Suzanne Grist features 1969 including great covers of some songs written 50 years ago.

2 p.m. – More 1969 jazz from Terry Conrad on Jazz Sessions.

10 p.m. – Olivia Sears hosts our late night Freeforms – Night Flight 1969.

Friday August 16
11 a.m. – Friday Freeforms with John Arvish – a tribute to 1969 – Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Soul music.

8 p.m. – Rigel goes retro on Pazz and Jop

10 p.m. – Guest host for Muses Jukebox John Arvish goes Psychedelic Circus 1969.

Saturday August 17
8 p.m. – Larry Garde hosts a 1969 special hour of music.

Sunday August 18
2 p.m. - On Dimensions in Jazz, Tom Engelmann features the formative year 1969

6 p.m. – Nailing the Moon Landing from Big Picture Science

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