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Thank You To Our Dedicated Staff & Supporters


It’s the time of year when we look back and think of the people we’re grateful for. I want to say thank you to the best and most dedicated staff in public radio. I am constantly amazed at how much every single person cares about the listeners.

Our news staff is out across the state covering the Legislature, the environment, the economy and so much more. I’m thankful they work so hard including weekends and holidays to keep all of us informed and up-to-date.

The dedicated engineering and IT staff have been working overtime this summer and fall making sure everyone can hear our signal clearly. With five transmitter upgrades this year, they have been up on the mountain top sites making sure everything is ready for the snowy season ahead.

Our programming and production teams have had a busy year working for you as well. We implemented new program changes, and hope you’re enjoying the new offerings. Our local program producers continue to create uniquely Montana content from information, children’s programs, music, storytelling, live sessions and more. And our podcast producers have produced fabulous programs that allow you to listen anytime, anywhere.

Our development team has come up big again this year. We asked them to raise over $1.9 million in local support for our service. We’re well on our way to that number as we near the end of the year. They also made sure we were represented at many outreach events throughout the year including our very popular brew tour this summer. We’re so glad we had the chance to meet so many of you during those trips across the state.

To everyone who listens and supports Montana Public Radio — thank you! We are always thinking of you as we present our service. And you are there for us by keeping us on-the-air every day. I’m thankful to many of you who volunteered your time answering phones during our pledge drives. We are so lucky to have the best listeners in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a happy holiday season!

Ray Ekness, UM Broadcast Media Center director.