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Threshold Podcast: Exploring The Past, Present, And Future Of Bison And Humans

People and bison first met 75,000 years ago, and ever since, we've been hunting them, painting them, and walking with them into new lands. Before Europeans arrived in America there were more than 50 million bison here. By 1901, there were just 23 wild bison left. Now, we have some decisions to make. Can we ever have wild free-roaming bison in North America again? Should we? What does the history of bison have to teach us about ourselves?

Starting February 5 at 6:00 p.m. on MTPR, Threshold podcast will take a deep-dive into the complicated issues surrounding the re-wilding of American bison. You'll hear intimate, personal stories from people of all viewpoints struggling to come to terms with big moments of environmental change.

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Threshold podcast is a project of independent radio journalist Amy Martin of Auricle Productions with support from Montana Public Radio.

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