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Explore More Of Life’s Mysteries with Season 2 of 'Tai Asks Why'


For years humans have tried to teach animals to understand our language – from teaching the family dog to “sit” and to “stay,” to teaching KoKo the gorilla sign language, to Alex the parrot who could actually speak Engish with a vocabulary of over 100 words. Alex, was the first non-human to ask a question, but that is us teaching them our language. What about us learning their language? And what are animals really saying to each other! Join us for the launch of season 2 of Tai Asks Why with the first episode “What are animals saying to each other?” airing Friday, May 14 at 4 p.m. on "The Pea Green Boat." We may learn to speak duck. Or not! Quack!

Sam Manno is a rotating host and producer of the Children's Corner and the Pea Green Boat.