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The latest news about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 in Montana.

Can Do: How Will COVID-19 Change Higher Education?

Dr. Michael Horowitz is the founding president of TCS Education System.
Dr. Michael Horowitz is the founding president of TCS Education System.

What has been the real impact of COVID-19 on higher education? How will education adapt to the pandemic and the related recession? And can U.S. colleges and universities produce the skilled workforce that industries require? Learn more now with Can Do.

The realm of higher education was already threatened by inflated admission costs and more accessible education technology when the COVID-19 pandemic tidal wave hit. The new safety standards and increased hesitancy to attend by students and faculty has taxed colleges and universities like few times in modern history. Coupled with the shifting workplace requirements for graduating students, it is a perilous and uncertain time for all. 

Josh Wyner is vice president of The Aspen Institute
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Josh Wyner is vice president of The Aspen Institute

On this episode of Can Do, we are discussing the current issues facing higher education and the innovations that can offer a brighter future.

Joining us in this episode are:

Josh Wyner, founder and Executive Director of the College Excellence Program at the Aspen Institute. Thi program aims to advance higher education practices, policies and leadership that significantly improve student outcomes.

Dr. Michael Horowitz, the founding president of TCS Education System, a nonprofit system of colleges founded in 2009. TCS currently includes five colleges and over 9,000 students across 11 separate campuses.

This is Can Do, a podcast that explores the business lessons essential for success in these volatile times. Can Do shares the insights of industry experts along with the experiences and advice of local businessmen and businesswomen. Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or your career is affected by the current economic climate, these lessons will give you the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your future. I’m your host, Arnie Sherman

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