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'The Eight Master Lessons of Nature' With Gary Ferguson And Dr. Mary Clare

Gary Ferguson

Drawing on science, psychology, history, and philosophy, The Eight Master Lessons of Nature will leave readers with feelings of hope, excitement, and joy. Here is what nature has to teach us about mystery and loss, the essential power of diversity, how our animal relatives make us smarter, the fine art of rising again after disruptions, and how the planet’s elders make us better at life. 

In this interview, Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary M Clare offer a unique and refreshing perspective on how nature might guide us through these tumultuous times. 

To hear an extended conversation with Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary M Clare about "The Eight Master Lessons of Nature" and Full Ecology, click the link above or subscribe to our podcast.  

About the Book:

A riveting book for anyone who longs to forge a more vital, meaningful connection to the natural world to live a better, more fulfilling life.

Looking at the world today—a world of melting ice caps, rampant deforestation and massive loss of species —it’s easy to feel that humanity has actively severed its ties with nature. And yet Gary Ferguson offers a fascinating exploration into how many of the most remarkable aspects of nature are actually hardwired into our very DNA. What emerges in these pages is a dazzling web of connections that holds powerful clues about how to better navigate our daily lives. 

"This beautiful book will make your genes ache with homesickness for the mystery we sprang from. Luckily, it’s waiting right outside.  Let Gary Ferguson take you there. You’ll remember, and you’ll thank him." —Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us and Countdown

"I saw truth. I saw beauty, I saw a better future in these pages." —John Lewis-Stempel, author of the bestselling Meadowland, The Running Hare, The Wood and Still Water

Credit Sonia Williamson
Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary M Clare

About Gary Ferguson And Dr. Mary M Clare:

Gary Ferguson is the author of 25 books on science and nature. The Carry Home – described by The Los Angeles Times described as “a big-hearted, soul searching memoir” - was selected by the prestigious Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute as the 2015 Nature Book of the Year. Ferguson was a former Seigle Scholar at Washington University, St. Louis, as well as the William Kittredge Distinguished Writer at the University of Montana. He and his wife, Mary, are co-founders of Full Ecology - dedicated to helping people reclaim their human nature. Find out more at

Mary M. Clare, Ph.D. is a consultant and former director of the graduate Psychological and Cultural Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Her internationally followed research and scholarship focus on applications of psychology in communities, with emphasis on addressing systems of prejudice and oppression. Clare regularly facilitates strategic listening and planning workshops for NGOs, higher education institutions, government agencies including the National Park Service, Tribal groups and schools. In her book 100 Voices: Americans Talk about Change, Mary showcases a heartening reach of common values among the people of the United States. Find out more at

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