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Can Do: The Hacker's Life

Sherri Davidoff, CEO of LGM Security.
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The CEO of Missoula, Montana’s LMG Security spends her work days finding ways to break into companies, then writing reports about what she finds. Meet author, lecturer and “security badass,” Sherri Davidoff.

Influenced by the tradition of white-hat hacking at her alma mater, MIT, Davidoff is known as ‘Alien’ in the cyber-sleuthing world. After outing herself last year as Alien, she became the subject of a new book called Breaking and Entering, which profiles her adventures in the world of data breaches and digital forensics.

As cybersecurity warfare keeps escalating, Sherri’s 10-year-old cybersecurity consulting firm, LMG Security, is sought by the likes of Google, Comcast and the Department of Defense.

On this week’s Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, listen and learn about data privacy and breaking glass ceilings from Sherri Davidoff.