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Retreat From The Smoke With 'Someone Else's Summer'

Running Press

“Plenty of romantic moments will make starry-eyed readers swoon”

?Kirkus Reviews

Anna’s older sister (and idol), Storm, has just died in a tragic car accident on the night of her high school graduation. Anna is completely lost until she finds her sister’s summer bucket list and decides to honor her memory by trying to complete it. She and her neighbor (and sister’s lifelong best friend) Cameron set off on an epic cross-country journey (#9: Road Trip!) to the coast from her sleepy Iowa town.

As Anna completes more items on Storm’s list (keeping track with #2: Take pictures of EVERYTHING), the more she discovers about how far apart she and her sister had really grown. That's before she discovers that Storm was keeping a devastating secret—one that Cameron knew all along.

With a dose of romance and a splash of adventure, Anna will inspire you to dig deep and tackle your own bucket list.

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