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Conner Gorry On Life In Cuba As An American

Visualize a small business that occupies one room, serves tea, coffee, and pastries and sells books and an array of magazines from Time to Gentleman's Quarterly. There are chairs and couches for reading and conversation and in the small yard outside, rich in tropical plants are tables and chairs, a bench, and even a hammock. A mixed color, curly hair Terrier, Toby, wags a greeting from the open door. Walking by on the sidewalk, you get the feeling that it would be a nice place to relax and visit for ten minutes, or an hour. You won't be overly surprised that the manager, Conner Gorry, is from New York. You would be surprised that the store, called CubaLibro, is in Havana, Cuba.  

(Broadcast: "Home Ground Radio," 3/29/15. Listen on the web, on the radio on Sundays at 11:10 a.m., or via podcast.)