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Regan deVictoria & Ed Lahey: Leaving Butte

courtesy of the Lahey family

"You come to Butte, Montana direct from seven exhausting years in the city, seeking solace, expecting blight, and finding home."  Missoula native Regan deVictoria fell for Butte "as you do a man with a harelip despite deformities, and later, because of them." Poet Ed Lahey was born to a family of Butte miners in 1936. From his adopted home of Missoula, he looked back at The Mining City:

"I'm leaving town," I said
"On my way to catch a bus."
"Oh, I'm sorry," she said.

"Nothing to be sorry about,"
I smiled, knowing there are no second
chances for first impressions.

"Have you lived here long?"
"Long enough to know I have to leave,"
I answered whimsically."

(Broadcast: "Reflections West," 1/28/15 & 8/5/15. Listen weekly on the radio, Wednesdays at 4:54 p.m.)

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