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Reflections On Wilderness


"Reflections on Wilderness," by Allison Linville.

"As a child, I didn't know about the 1964 Wilderness Act, but I knew about the places. My first wilderness memory is hiking in the Sawtooth Wilderness with my family, and the most defined image I have of that trip is watching my dad's heels on the trail. For eight miles, I followed those heels, wondering when they would stop, at times running a few steps to catch up to them. His big, red backpack bounded on his back and I watched the dust collect on his shoes. I wasn't sure then that hiking was something I enjoyed, but I remember the turquoise lake where we were the only campers. Hiking was hard, in my nine-year-old head, but I understood the rewards."

(Broadcast: Fieldnotes, 8/31/14 & 9/1/14)