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Squirrels "Cache" In

Bob MacInnes

"Squirrel Behavior," written by Tracy Wendt, read by Caroline Kurtz.

"I am obsessed by squirrel-watching. It started as entertainment, watching the rodents scurrying around, digging, scratching, and patting at the earth, seemingly at random. Sometimes they'd uncover a nut or seed, sometimes not. I'd wonder how sad it must be, as a squirrel, to never quite remember where you've hidden your afternoon snack. But one day I realized my quarry was studying me, too, and his actions began to take on new meaning. Even though his movements looked silly and scatterbrained, could he deliberately be trying to lead me astray, out of fear that I might steal his snacks? It turns out this may well have been the case."

(Broadcast: Fieldnotes, 8/17/14 & 8/18/14)

Beth Anne Austein has been spinning tunes on the air (The Folk Show, Dancing With Tradition, Freeforms), as well as recording, editing and mixing audio for Montana Public Radio and Montana PBS, since the Clinton Administration. She’s jockeyed faders or "fixed it in post” for The Plant Detective; Listeners Bookstall; Fieldnotes; Musicians Spotlight; The Write Question; Storycorps; Selected Shorts; Bill Raoul’s music series; orchestral and chamber concerts; lecture series; news interviews; and outside producers’ programs about topics ranging from philosophy to ticks.
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