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Stories Show Small-Town Life As Fragile, Lonely, Remarkable


In these twelve new stories of All I Want Is What You’ve Got, award-winning author Glen Chamberlain deftly writes about the fragility of small town life. Chamberlain ushers us amongst the half-broken lives, sharing the moments of regret, yet allowing the redemptive qualities of her characters to ultimately shine through. From a night nurse confessing her forgotten desires to an invalid to a Chinese girl trying to piece together a past from a single photograph; from an elderly rodeo cowboy falling in love with a beautiful stranger to a woman acutely aware of the intricacies that lead to her own death, All I Want Is What You’ve Got is that book of stories that reveals how the most profound moments in life are the ones taken for granted.

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Glen Chamberlain

Glen Chamberlain, a nationally recognized and award-winning writer of fiction, the author of two collections of stories:  All I Want Is What You've Got and Conjugations of the Verb To Be . Her awards include a Pushcart Prize, the first Gilcrease Prize for fiction, and the Rona Jaffe Award for both fiction and creative nonfiction. The Rona Jaffe Foundation named her “one of the most promising women writers in the nation.” She lives in Bozeman, Montana, and is a writing professor at Montana State University.

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