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Pigs, Poems, and the Purpose of Farming

HomeFarm, a collection of poems by Josh Slotnick

About the book:

David James Duncan called Slotnick "a Wendell-Berry-style 'mad farmer'" and said, "The bracing bittersweetness lacing this free-verse report from the frontlines of a post-corporate agricultural renaissance is all the sweetness we need. FarmHome. is one of the most responsible books of poetry I've ever read."

The music in this program was written and performed by John Floridis.

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Josh Slotnick
Josh Slotnick

Josh Slotnick is a lecturer in the Environmental Studies at the University of Montana and co-founder of the nonprofit Garden City Harvest and the PEAS Farm, a partnership between the UM Environmental Studies and Garden City Harvest. He manages the PEAS farm, and teaches students on the farm and in the classroom. Josh has a master’s in Professional Studies in Agriculture Extension and Adult Education from Cornell University, a BA in Philosophy from the University of Montana and a certificate in Ecological Horticulture from University of California Santa Cruz. Josh has been a partner in the family farm, Clark Fork Organics, since 1992. He is also a former Peace Corps volunteer.

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