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"The Hermit's Work

The Hermit's Place

They'll wonder
that I left

my things—

my name on folded forms,
the job I did.


"The Hermit's Work" was published in Bernard Quetchenbach's collection The Hermit's Place (Wildleaf Press 2010). Accompanied by eleven arresting charcoal images from Christopher Engstrom, noted regional illustrator, this collection of 63 poems presents a portrait of an American type who represents in human form the majesty and isolation of our American birthright and inheritance, our Natural world.

Quetchenbach was born in Rochester, New York, and lives in Billings, Montana, where he teaches at Montana State University Billings. He is the author of Everything as It Happens, a 2007 poetry collection from FootHills Publishing. A chapbook of earlier poems in the Hermit series, The Hermit's Act, was published in 2004 by Finishing Line Press.

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