'Field Notes:' Great Horned Owls

Mar 12, 2018
Great horned owl watercolor.
Wenfei Tong

I was admiring a blanket of stars spread above Lake Como in Montana’s Bitterroot valley, when out of the stillness of the chill winter night came floating a deep, dignified, hoo-h’HOO-hoo-hoo.

There are few things more evocative of wildness in the northern woods than the hooting of great horned owls.

Ghosts Of The North Woods: Great Grey Owls

Aug 28, 2017
Great gray owl.
Flickr user Elizabeth Haslam (CC-BY-NC-2)

One evening while walking along the river just outside of town, winding my way through a meadow fringed with ponderosa pine, I met a great gray owl hunting down amongst the bunchgrass and wheatgrass. Startled, the bird rose on 5-foot wings and flew straight towards me, veering at the last moment to skim past my shoulder.

A Day In The Life Of An Owl Researcher

Feb 24, 2016
Matt Larson and Denver Holt with a Long-eared Owl captured near Missoula during one of their research outings.
Chérie Newman

Denver Holt has been counting long-eared owls for 30 years. Known around the world as "Mr. Owl," Holt is always searching for answers about the iconic birds, and often searching for the birds themselves. MTPR's Chérie Newman tags along to learn how to catch an owl, and to find out why these birds are so important.

Photos: Birds Land On "Pea Green Boat"

Sep 17, 2015
Owen Manning with his award winning Pukeko, and Kate Davis with Sonora, an Aplomato Falcon. A Pukeko is a bird from New Zealand. The name is a Maori word for purple swamp hen.
Josh Burnham

Annie have some very cool special guests on "Pea Green Boat" today. Owen Manning, his mom Jennifer and Kate Davis joined Annie to talk about birds.