Eczema on child's hand
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Hi!  I’m Dr. Jamison Starbuck, a naturopathic family physician.  I’m here today with health tips for kids about: eczema.

Eczema is a pretty funny word, isn’t it?  It’s spelled E-C-Z-E-M-A.  It comes from a Greek word that means ‘something thrown out by heat’.  If you have eczema, you’ll know why.  Eczema is a red, dry, itchy, scaly skin rash and when it’s really bad, it feels like your skin is being boiled from the inside out.

Evening Primrose

Apr 18, 2014

4/19/14: This week on "The Plant Detective:"  There's an important acid in the seeds of evening primrose: gamma linolenic acid, or GLA, which is an essential fatty acid. From EFAs, our bodies manufacture chemicals responsible for many basic functions, and EFA deficiency may contribute to arthritic inflammation, menstrual problems, eczema, and more.