Ride Out Your Sugar High With Gus' Halloween Special

Oct 30, 2017

Now that "trick or treat" is over, are your trees full of toilet paper? Did the cat run away for good? Is your living room littered with wrappers?

Sugar Hill Gang.

No, not the Sugar Hill Gang. Candy bar wrappers!

And speaking of sugar, if you’re still bouncing off the walls on a fructose fueled high and can’t settle down you might as well tune in to Gus' Halloween Night Special. Tuesday, Halloween night from 10:00 – midnight.

"At first I was going to play a lot of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and other new age ambient artists and call it my Halloween Night 'Spacial' remarks Chambers, "but laziness prevailed. That required too much work and thought. Instead it will be a collection of the best songs and horror movies  from years past."

Think of it as recycling. A mix of time tested tunes, iconic clips and discarded candy wrappers in one classic compost. Perfect for next year’s garden.

Tune in Tuesday, Halloween night from 10:00 to midnight, on your radio or online.

Wonder Mike works the new soil.