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On the heels of voting down other labor-related bills, Montana lawmakers decisively rejected a so-called right-to-work bill for private unions today.

216 Bills Advance At Legislature's Halfway Point

Mar 3, 2021
Rep. Ed Hill, R-Havre, listens as members of the Montana House of Representatives debate House Bill 427 during a floor debate on Feb. 24, 2021.
Austin Amestoy / UM Legislative News Service

HELENA — After a 15-hour session, the Montana Senate finished its business for the first half of the 67th legislative session just before midnight on Monday, advancing a total of 115 bills. The slate ranged from legislation aimed at strengthening religious freedoms to a bill abolishing daylight saving time. 

Network cables plugged in to an internet router

Ahead of a Wednesday deadline, Montana lawmakers endorsed one bill and rejected another that aim to increase access to the internet.

Montana Capitol.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

The 67th session of the Montana Legislature hit the halfway point Tuesday, and lawmakers are taking a break through next Monday. The week before the break was full of marathon policy debates and votes.

With the adjournment of the state Senate at nearly midnight Monday evening, and the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon, lawmakers completed the first 45 days of their work.

The Montana House Monday offered support to a bill that would limit government civil liability for COVID-19-related issues. Lawmakers also voted down two bills that would’ve impacted public unions.

HELENA — The Montana Legislature has considered nearly a dozen bills this session aimed at changing how Montana’s judicial branch is formed and how it works.

Rep. Derek Skees (R) HD-11.
Montana Legislature

Montana lawmakers have reversed a vote and now are rejecting a policy that would add regulations for internet providers following the bill’s passage over the weekend when only Republicans on the committee were in attendance to vote.

The Capitol dome in Helena, MT.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

Montana lawmakers are considering limiting local public health and executive powers during a declared state of emergency — authorities highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of those proposals are advancing ahead of a Wednesday deadline

The Session Week 9: Transmittal Log Jam

Mar 1, 2021

As of midday Friday 1,128 bills had been introduced and Gov. Gianforte had signed 28 into law.

The Legislature faces a Wednesday, March 3 deadline for general policy bills from the House to make their way to the Senate, and vice versa. Bills that appropriate money can still be introduced.

This week, we’re watching bills ‘in the balance’ -- they need to get across to the other chamber to stay in play.