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The U.S. Small Business Administration will open applications for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund on Monday, May 3. 

The federal grant program will provide $28.6 billion to restaurants and other food and drink establishments — including bakeries and food trucks — that have suffered during the pandemic.

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Another lifeline is coming for the restaurant industry. The Small Business Administration announced this week that it will soon begin taking applications for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund program, which was established by U.S. Congress as part of the American Rescue Plan.

The U.S. Small Business Administration launched an online portal Friday where venues closed by the pandemic can apply for grant money. 

The Shuttered Venue Operators Grant is open to operators of movie theaters, live performing arts organizations, relevant museums, zoos and aquariums and others. 

Financial leaders in Montana say the majority of loan applications for the federal Paycheck Protection Program have been processed after some major roadblocks earlier in the week.

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Montana small businesses received about half a billion dollars in 2018 through federal contracts. The federal government says it exceeded its small business federal contracting goal nationwide for the sixth year in a row in 2018.  

Montana businesses received about $729 million dollars last year, and about 60% of that went to small businesses. That’s according to a U.S. Small Business Administration press release on Wednesday.

Small Business Administration

Feb 11, 2014

"Homeground Radio," February 11th, 2014: The Small Business Administration was created to aid, counsel and protect the interests of small businesses; to preserve free competitive enterprise; and to maintain and strengthen the economy of our nation. In a competitive world, that's not a simple mission.