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Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The Session Week 18: What Happened During Montana’s 2021 Legislative Session?

May 3, 2021

The 67th session of the Montana Legislature adjourned sine die Thursday, April 29. During lawmakers’ 80 days of work, 1,313 bills were introduced and as of mid-day Friday at least 302 had been signed into law.

Sen. Carl Glimm (R) SD-2
Montana Legislature

Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed a bill into law that aims to protect religious freedom. Opponents say the policy will harm LGBTQ people.

Religious Freedom, Or Freedom To Discriminate?

Mar 25, 2015
Sen. Carl Glimm (R) SD-2
Montana Legislature

A wide array of interest groups and state officials lined up to testify against a bill that purports to give Montanans more religious freedom, because they say it would only guarantee the freedom to discriminate.

Carl Glimm, a Republican Representative from Ashley Lake, is sponsoring a bill that, he says, would ensure that the government could not infringe on a person’s religious rights unless it had a “compelling interest” in doing so.