Payment in Lieu of Taxes program

Peter Fitzgerald

The federal government is awarding over $40 million of so-called PILT funding to Montana this year. That’s the largest amount ever allocated in the program’s 40 year history.

Montana will raise the minimum wage by $0.15 in January, 2018.
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Fifty-five Montana counties are set to receive over $30 million in so-called PILT funds this fiscal year.

PILT is shorthand for Payment In Lieu of Taxes.

Weyerhaeuser closed its lumber and plywood mills in Columbia Falls last week.
Eric Whitney

Montana's U.S. senators are getting behind a new bill they say will help Montana's most rural counties round-out their budgets.

Mineral County Commissioner Duane Simons says communities like his are reeling after Congress failed to renew the Secure Rural Schools Act last fall.