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Sen. Daines Talks Energy Issues In Missoula

Mar 24, 2016
Sen. Steve Daines.
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Sen. Steve Daines is spending the Senate’s current two-week recess highlighting energy issues in Montana.

He’s traveling across the state meeting with energy producers, businesses and schools this week, and then next week hosting an energy conference in Billings Tuesday through Thursday. He was in Missoula yesterday visiting Big Sky Brewing:

Opponents Of Coal Railroad Call On Feds To Deny Permit

Dec 11, 2015
Montana Activists Rally Against Coal Trains
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BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A group of conservationists and ranchers are asking federal transportation officials to deny a permit for a $400 million railroad that would serve a proposed coal mine near the Montana-Wyoming border.

Coal with the town of Colstrip in the background
Amy Martin

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox today joined the state to a lawsuit to stop President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

"It does not really have anything to do with whether this is wise policy, it has to do with whether it violates the rule of law, the individual states’ sovereignty," Fox said.

Several groups voiced concerns today about proposed new rules that govern Montana political campaigns.

Coal. File photo.
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The Department of Interior has recently published a report citing some flaws in how the federal government manages coal leases. The June report from the Office of Inspector says the government is at risk of not getting the full value for the coal it sells.

A nonprofit environmental group, The Northern Plains Resource Council, believes this is especially true for coal in Montana and Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. The group thinks the federal government should be getting a lot more money for that coal.