Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services


Montana has been awarded a $10 million federal grant to improve the health outcomes for pregnant and postpartum women in rural Montana. 

State health officials recently finalized new rules and regulations for private youth therapeutic programs in the state. The programs were mostly self-regulated until this year when state lawmakers gave the Montana health department oversight.

Officials say it could take more than a year to add new "community engagement" requirements to the state’s Medicaid expansion.

Officials say it could take more than a year to add new "community engagement" requirements to the state’s Medicaid expansion.

Montana is awaiting federal approval for its plan to require some low-income adults to work for health coverage.

The Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services says e-cigarette products should "never be used by youth, young adults, pregnant women, or adults who do not currently use tobacco products."

Two more cases of lung injuries associated with vaping products were confirmed in Montana Thursday. That brings the state’s total to 7 cases, including one death.

The state health department says both new cases involve people from Cascade County with a history of vaping. One of the individuals is in their teens and the other is in their 20s. An investigation continues into what specific products were used.

Federal officials have counted 1,604 lung injury cases and 34 deaths through Oct. 24.

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana health officials have announced two more cases of lung injury associated with vaping, and say they're investigating other possible cases.

The Department of Public Health and Human Services said Monday a Cascade County teen was hospitalized this summer and again in October while a Lake County resident in their 30s was hospitalized this month. Both are recovering.

Nearly 23 percent of Montana high school students use electronic cigarette type products, according to the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey from the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

State health officials say a teenager's death is related to a vaping-associated illness. On Wednesday, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services announced the state’s first identified death linked with the national outbreak of e-cigarette use.

A recent report from The Montana Department of Health and Human Services found that medication-assisted treatments for opioid addiction are becoming more accessible throughout the state. 

Ranch For Kids' main facility in the small, remote town of Rexford, MT.
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A lawsuit filed Monday alleges a child at a private therapeutic home that was closed this summer amid abuse allegations was also forced to work on employees’ personal property. 

Montana Governor Orders Temporary Sales Stop Of Flavored E-Cigarettes

Governor Steve Bullock on Tuesday ordered a temporary stop to sales of flavored e-cigarettes. The emergency rules take effect October 22. 

Bullock is directing the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to enforce a 120-day ban on flavored e-cigarette sales.


Montana healthcare professionals met this week to discuss how to support a person’s physical and mental health in the midst of reduced services.

Aaron Wernham is a family physician and CEO of the Montana Healthcare Foundation.

He says the idea of bringing behavioral health care providers into primary care practices in Montana started about 10 years ago.

What does it look like for a patient or for a healthcare provider on the ground?