Montana Board of Investments

Corin Cates-Carney

State budget director Dan Villa will leave that position in about five weeks to become the next executive director of the Montana Board of Investments.

Corin Cates-Carney

The Montana Board of Investments is expected Tuesday to formally name current State Budget Director Dan Villa as manager of the Montana Investment fund. Villa will oversee the board’s management of roughly $18 billion in state assets.

The Montana Board of Investments is searching for a new executive director to lead the management of roughly $18 billion in pension funds, state insurance reserves, and other government assets. The four finalists for the job are being interviewed this week.

The investment board’s current Executive Director David Ewer is retiring this September, after taking on the position in 2011.

Graph showing the probability of achieving a required return target for Montana's pension investments.
RVK Investment Consultants

A new report says Montana’s pension system has unrealistic expectations for how much its investments will grow in the next decade.

The report from the financial consulting firm Montana's Board of Investments uses says that over the next decade there's only a 34 percent chance that the state's pension funds will hit the 7.75 percent return the state is expecting. RVK investment consultants say the state's pension assets could miss that mark by more than a full percent. 

Montana Capitol, Helena, MT.
William Marcus

A legislative audit released Wednesday found over $1.5 billion worth of financial reporting errors in nearly $18 billion of Montana state and local government investments.

The Montana State Board of Investments has the sole authority to invest nearly $18 billion in public retirement system money and state workers compensation insurance funds.