Minimum Wage

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Montana’s roughly 8,000 minimum wage workers will see a 20-cent-per-hour pay bump starting next Tuesday.

Montana will raise the minimum wage by $0.15 in January, 2018.
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The minimum wage in Montana will increase by 15 cents per hour starting next year, according to the state labor department’s most recent cost-of -living analysis.

Bill Could Exempt Outdoor Seasonal Workers From Overtime, Minimum Wage

Feb 21, 2017

HELENA -- Montana lawmakers heard testimony on House Bill 496 Tuesday that would add seasonal outdoor recreation employees to a list of people who wouldn't necessarily be eligible for minimum wage or overtime pay.

The priorities Governor Steve Bullock promoted last night during his 3rd State of the State Address were familiar themes from past speeches and from last fall’s re-campaign.

“Fiscal responsibility. Education. Infrastructure. Job Creation. Caring for others,” Bullock summarized.

On Monday, business owners and labor industry representatives testified before lawmakers in Helena during the first hearing of a bill to increase the minimum wage in Montana.