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Liquor bottles.

State lawmakers say a bill written in the fast-paced special legislative session in November to help patch the state budget shortfall has errors and needs fixing.

During the haste of the special legislative session, a bill that allows the state to sell 54 more liquor licenses didn’t turn out exactly how some people thought it would.

Montana Capitol in Helena.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

Montana lawmakers returned to Helena Monday to begin a special legislative session aimed at addressing the state's $227 million budget deficit. The governor has proposed filling the budget gap with a combination of cuts to state agencies and tax increases. But Republicans, who control both houses of the Legislature, have different plans.

Selling more liquor licenses would raise between $2.5 million and $4 millin for the state.

Lawmakers are considering increasing the number of liquor licenses the state issues, and auctioning them off as a way to raise revenue.

Brewers, Tavern Owners Wrangle Over Liquor License Laws

Feb 6, 2015

Today at the Montana Capitol, legislators heard beer bills. One that aims to find a way to settle the rift between brewers, which sell their product in taprooms with a relatively cheap license, and bars, which have much higher priced liquor licenses in limited supply.

Brewery Bill On Friday's Legislative Agenda

Feb 5, 2015
Montana Capitol.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

Friday at the Montana Legislature brings bills about beer.