kristi hager

Olga Kreimer

On a sunny Saturday, while thousands were marching for science around the world, about 50 people gathered inside the Knights of Columbus Hall in Butte for a different kind of Earth Day celebration.

It was what 74-year-old Mary Kay Craig was calling a Butte-style wake.

“Well I’m Irish, so what am I supposed to say?” she asked.

Craig is with the Citizens for Labor and Environmental Justice and she organized the event, called Hope for Snow Geese.

Tell Us Something Radio, Episode 2

Sep 21, 2016

Marc Moss hosts Tell Us Something Radio, in which you'll hear five stories recorded during live Tell Us Something events held in Missoula.

The stories in this program include dysentery in Indonesia, war protests, a strip club, river rafting, and a life-changing rescue, stories told by Reid Reimers, Kristi Hager, Joshua Daidone, Stephanie Wing, and Steve Saroff.