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Kimberly Dudik

Gov. Steve Bullock. File Photo
Christopher B. Allen

Governor Steve Bullock today said he’s taking action where the state legislature chose not to, to reform the state’s system for protecting abused and neglected children.

Bullock Signs Bully Free Montana Bill Into Law

Apr 21, 2015
Jackie Yamanaka

Local school districts in Montana are charged with coming up with a process so their students can report bullying at school and have those complaints formally addressed.

Anti-Bullying Bill Advances To Montana Senate

Feb 25, 2015
Rep. Kimberly Dudik (D) Missoula.
Montana Legislature

Today the Montana House of Representatives passed a bill that could finally place Montana alongside every other state in the union with an anti-bullying law. House Bill 284 would make bullying illegal, allowing for action to be taken in court.

Rep. Kimberly Dudik (D) Missoula.
Montana Legislature

Missoula representative Kimberly Dudik wants to do something about bullying in Montana Schools.

"Bullying is a big problem. There's been almost 3,000 Montana students that were suspended or expelled for bullying and harassment between 2012 and 2014."

Rep. Kimberly Dudik (D) Missoula.
Montana Legislature

Montana lawmakers are considering a bill that would deal with one of the worst side effects of the oil boom in Eastern Montana: the trafficking of women and underage girls for prostitution.

Stephanie Anderson, who describes herself as a sex trafficking victim told the House Judiciary Committee about her introduction to the sex trade.

News Roundup, Week 4 At The Montana Legislature

Feb 2, 2015
Montana Capitol dome, Helena.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

In the middle of the fourth week of the 64th Montana Legislature, Gov. Steve Bullock took the rostrum in the House of Representatives with a big smile.

“The state of our state is strong,” Bullock said, beginning his State of the State address.

Bullock touted his fiscal discipline and pushed his big legislative priorities, getting multiple standing ovations from Democrats and occasional claps from a few Republicans.